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Project Farringdon is a theatre research programme conducted by David K Blanar, working in conjunction with the University of the Arts London.Read more about the programme below.

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This research will lead to a significant original contribution to the field of scenography and archival practice by providing a systematic documentation of the methods and process utilised during the production of immersive theatre.This programme will explore the following questions:• How can immersive theatre processes including digital storytelling be captured and archived?• In what ways can the creative decision-making process in development of immersive work be identified and documented?• How can the value of a library of immersive artefacts be articulated and demonstrated as an important aspect of theatre archival research?Read the Full Research Summary (PDF)

About the researcher

David K Blanar is a London-based research student at University of the Arts London. He holds an undergraduate degree in Theatre & Dance from Santa Clara University (California, USA) and has experience developing digital storytelling methodologies with cultural and commercial partners, including the National Theatre, Warner Bros., Disney and Google.Read David's LinkedIn Profile


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